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The IESD were commissioned by Bending Light Ltd. (now Serralux) to carry out an analysis of the illuminance benefit that would result from either replacing standard glazing with Serraglaze, or adding Serraglaze as an exterior, projecting “awning” to the existing glazing. The setting was a generic period-office building examined on three levels in a moderately obstructed environment. The analysis was founded on climate-based computer simulation of daylight illuminances.

The illuminance across the workplane was predicted for all 36 combinations of: three floor levels (i.e. semi-basement, ground floor and first floor), three glazing configurations (i.e. standard clear 4mm glazing, vertical Serraglaze and projecting Serraglaze combined with standard glazing) and four building orientations (i.e. North, East, South and West).

It was discovered that both vertical and projecting Serraglaze generally increase the provision of daylight at the back of the office space compared to standard glazing. When high-angle direct sun is present (i.e. for South facing glazing), vertical Serraglaze additionally reduces the level of direct sun exposure at the front of the office.

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