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The lighting simulation research tools developed by John Mardaljevic are often used in consultancy projects to support design work carried out by architects and consulting engineers. Climate-based daylight analyses have been carried out for the following:

  • Daylighting design Hermitage Museum (Russia)
  • Active daylighting systems (New York Times Building)
  • Solar access (New York)
  • Daylighting for schools (UK)
  • Evaluation of complex shading systems (Europe & Asia)
  • Architectural masterplan - daylighting provision for public spaces (Asia)
  • Irradiation mapping for pair of hi-rise towers (Europe)
  • Early design stage massing study - 16 variants examined (Europe)
  • Impact of daylight glare on a 'video wall' installation (Europe)
  • Daylight provision for buildings (Europe & USA)

Several of the research tools provide information and insights that cannot be obtained using traditional techniques. Results from analyses can often be obtained fairly quickly, especially if a suitable 3D CAD model (e.g. DXF, 3DS) is already available. See this paper and this presentation for a description of climate-based modelling.

Please contact John Mardaljevic for further details.

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